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_____________ 2014 Quotes _______________

I like the reformer because it was so fun with the ropes. – Molly G.

Rhondi’s knowledge! & nice people! – Caryn Z.

My turns. – Molly G.

It [Pilates] cured my sciatica. – Suzie C.

I love the energy, people and most of all the exercise. – Nancy G.

I love everything! I love having the instructors pay close attention to my needs, specificially back issues & arthritis. I love having PT available also. Paragon is like a family. – Lynn R.

Doing my leaps and turns. – Molly G.

The enthusiastic staff! – Mary C.

Flexibility – schedule, class mix & instructors. The instructors start us where we are and take us into not being rigid . The key is not being perfect. – Susan B.

Over the last year I have:
-learned body awareness
-gained core strength
-connected to my body mechanics
-enjoyed each & every session
-left each session feeling strong and empowered. –Lindsay S.

_____________ 2011 Quotes _______________

Paige G. // 1
Paragon is a dream come true! During my sessions with Rhondi, we focus on strengthening and toning while incorporating her background in physical therapy. I love how I can accomplish multiple goals during each session. I no longer have to go to physical therapy because I can do it all with Rhondi at Paragon.

Paige G. // 2
As a busy mom I need the make the most of an hour away from work and kids. Paragon is a happy place to go for a “mom break” and you always feel energized at the end of each session.

Paige G. // 3
At the end of my session with Rhondi, I always feel better in my body and in spirit. I have fun with Rhondi while getting in a good workout that is customized to my specific needs.

Suzanne D.
What I appreciate most about paragon is how careful my instructors are with my body, gently working within my own physical parameters to create a healthier me. They have helped me through injury and I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for my body.

Lynn R.
I am a 65 year-old woman with osteoarthritus. For years I tried every kind of exercise that was available and when I found Paragon it changed my life. It is low impact, it is strenghteningfrom the inside out. I go twice a week sometimes more. The instructors are well trained and fun to work with. The never make me do something that might hurt me and they alter any exercise to my needs. I have been going to Paragon for two years now and have better posture, a smaller waistline, a stronger core, and more energy.

Peter R.
My six months at Paragon have resulted in a smaller waistline, better postures, more flexibility, many compliments stating how healthy I look, and a fun exercise program with excellent instructors.

Dan M.
I am a 53 year old male and have osteoarthritis in both hips. Unfortunately, this is the most common joint disorder and leads to pain and stiffness in the joint area particularly after exercise and when placing pressure and weight on the joint. I have tried all kinds of traditional fitness regimens, all of which have produced significant pain in the hip area. I happened across the Paragon Pilates & Physical Therapy website and noticed that Pilates was described as building strength and flexibility in a “joint friendly” manner. I also noticed that Paragon had Physical Therapists on staff(as instructors) who are familiar with my particular disorder. I went in for my initial evaluation with Rhondi, about three months ago, and since then I have met with Val, one of their therapist/instructors, twice weekly. I have been extremely pleased with the results. Not only have I improved my core strength and enjoyed measurable improvement in my hip range of motion, I have also noticed a significant reduction in pain versus other forms of strengthening/stretching exercises. If you have any type of osteo disorder or if you just want to focus on improving critical core strength, I highly recommend the Pilates method, particularly as it is practiced by the highly professional staff at Paragon Pilates & Physical Therapy.

Marijolin B.
The pain in my hip got increasingly worse over the past few months. I was always in pain and had trouble walking. I ended up visiting an orthopedic surgeon who gave me 3 options: cortisone injections, surgery or physical therapy. He did not give very high odds for the therapy, but after talking to the Paragon staff that is the route I choose… and was that a smart choice! After just 3 weeks I can walk without pain. It is amazing how great that feels. Thank you so much! I don’t know if you are the best in the Twin Cities, but in my opinion you are certainly in the Top 1.

Gregory C.
I became interested in the ‘power’ of Paragon after cancer surgery this year left me with a frozen shoulder. Pre-surgery, my left shoulder bothered me because of arthritis and tendonitis. Post-surgery, after two weeks in an arm cast, my left arm could not be raised above parallel to the ground. After a few months of therapy at Paragon, I have regained 85% of my left arm movement (and improved my golf game by cutting down on the size of my swing) thereby avoiding surgery. Thanks Paragon!

______________ Dance Med ___________________

Sarah H.
My visits to Paragon Pilates & Physical Therapy have greatly affected my dance. Although my journey back to dance after foot surgery was very long, taking pilates regularly helped me tremendously. During the sessions, Cari and I worked on my core strength, my flexibility, and jumps without hurting my foot in any way. Now that I have returned to dance, I am stronger and more flexible than ever, and I owe much of my success to the wonderful people who work at Paragon & Physical Therapy.

Hannah B.
Paragon Pilates & Physical Therapy has been instrumental to my development as a serious dancer preparing for a professional performing career. The skilled instructors at Paragon are passionate about Pilates and eager to share their knowledge in a fun and incredibly supportive environment. For me, they were particularly helpful in rehabilitating injuries and correcting muscular imbalances. At Paragon Pilates & Physical Therapy I always have peace of mind knowing that the instruction I am receiving compliments my dance training 100%. As a result, I have been able to return to dance with greater body awareness and increased confidence.

__________________ Teacher Training _______________________

“Very comprehensive, organized program. The materials are very well written and organized. The information provided is clear, concise and relevant. The instructors were very knowledgeable of the course material and have a lot of practical experience to share. Tiza and Cari kept the class on task and stuck to the schedule – very much appreciated!!! I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in teaching Pilates, or furthering their own personal Pilates foundation.”

“Excellent program! Cari is a very thorough, knowledgeable instructor. She facilitated the class well. Allowing enough to for questions and discussion yet kept the class on schedule. The materials are clear and concise – very well written and wonderful to use as reference beyond the class itself.”

“Cari is a true treasure! I have taken Mat I & 2, Reformer 1,2,3 and now Chair & Barrels from her and am always in awe of her vast knowledge of Pilates. She presents the material in a way that excites my learning. Her energy and enthusiasm level never wanes during an intense 18-20 hr. weekend. I know that I am learning from one of the best teachers in the country!
Thanks Cari!”

“Cari is an amazing teacher. The course paid for itself in the first five minutes when the wheels starting turning in my head about all the total body work you can do on the EXO chair with the Slastix. This course is great if you teach group chair or equipment classes. Cari also showed how you can utilize two EXO chairs to teach a class of four students–I’ve tried it already and my clients LOVE the upper body work.”

“Our teachers Roger, Cari, and Ginny did a superb job presenting the material and teaching the advanced exercises. They gave excellent lectures on the low back, working with athletes, and ethics. They are always giving us 100%. I believe that my Balanced Body teachers are helping me become a critical thinker in my profession which I am so grateful.”

“Amazing staff! Awesome course mates! Had a great weekend learning some big “ah ha” concepts while making new friends. Cari and Ginny have such passion for the course content and deliver it in a way that is fun to learn and easy to grasp. So many of my Pilates mysteries were cleared up. I’m falling in love with Pilates even more!”