BB Community Expansion Mat Class

4/29/2022 12pm – 1:30pm

Instructor:  Cari Riis Stemmler



This online mat class series is specifically for students in the Balanced Body Community Expansion Scholarship Program.

Cari will take you through a different movement experience each month and have time for feedback, sensory experiencing and questions and answers following the class. Learning to teach movement means experiencing a variety of sequencing, cueing, personal sensory experience, as well as understanding what resonates with you in your own body. Experiencing the work with several teacher’s voices and intentions will prepare you to teach a variety of people once you begin your career in teaching.

We will focus on balanced classes that flow, and progress from pre-Pilates/Movement Principles work through beginning, intermediate, and advanced work. This way, students can use previous variations in their personal practice if a current suggestion is too much on the body that day. Our bodies change every day, so our primary goal is to learn to listen and respond in the moment with the tools we have in our tool box for progression or simplification.

I look forward to teaching you all online!  – Cari

Note: This link will take you to Pargon’s Page on MindBody Online.  Class sign up will be under “Professional Workshops”  You will be required to create a user account with MindBody Online to register.  If you choose not to create an account, contact the studio to register.


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