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Join our classes from the comfort of your home! Here’s how:

1. Sign up for class in Paragon’s Mindbody Online system and use your packages as usual. If you need your package converted to use with online classes, please email Amanda at

2.You will receive a link from Paragon (not your individual teacher) via email. You will use that same link for all classes at Paragon. If you don’t receive it, please check your junk mail & add Paragon to your contacts to receive these emails in your inbox in the future.

3. Click on the link. You will be prompted to download the Webex App. You can choose to do so, or simply video conference through your browser. If you choose to use a mobile device to video conference, please download the Webex App from the Apple App Store if you are using an iPhone or iPad or from Google Play Store if you are on an Android device.

4. Make sure you have high speed internet. If you want to check your internet speed, CLICK HERE.

Helpful hints for a successful online pilates class experience.

Create a safe and peaceful space for your class

  • A small space in the corner of a room is enough space for a successful class.  Joe Pilates worked out in his living room in a small NYC apartment!
  • Remove distractions and clutter, and push tables, chairs, lamps to the side if needed.
  • To test your space, lay on the floor and stretch out like a giant X. If you can touch any furniture with your hands or feet, it’s too close. Ideally, you will have a few feet of space in all directions.
  • Please remember to silence your phone, turn off the TV, and secure your pets that might interrupt your class to create a focused environment for yourself.

Prepare 15 minutes before for your class

  • Set up your fully charged or plugged-in device (phone, tablet, laptop or desktop) ahead of time and sign in to your device. Remember to close all other application for fastest speeds and no interruptions.
  • Set up your mat and any props needed for class
  • It works best to position your device so you can see it and be seen. Be sure that your screen is positioned so that looking at it won’t be uncomfortable to view while taking class.
  • Click on the link to join class 5 minutes early and wait in our “waiting room” until class begins on time.  Amanda or Brenna will be there to greet you, sign you in, and answer any questions.