Pilates is a whole-body approach to gaining strength and improving wellness. Together, we'll help you achieve your full potential.

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Physical Therapy

At Paragon, we'll help you reconnect with your body and overcome injury. You'll return to life with more energy, flexibility and strength.

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Dance Medicine

We offer education and training for every dancer's needs. You'll return to performing with heightened technique and stronger form.

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New for 2015:
CoreAlign® Workshops for Physical Therapists

The CoreAlign was created to enable natural, flowing full-body exercises with independent limb training. It integrates posture, strength, flexibility, balance, control and proprioception in mostly standing positions. By challenging the boundaries of harmonious movement, you can improve movement patterns and restore the deepest movement foundations.

Rhondi Miller is an official 
CoreAlign Master Instructor (CAMI)

 and is one of 18 CAMIs worldwide. She conducts classes for clients and workshops exclusively for Physical Therapists at Paragon. Learn more »