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Continuing Education and Workshops

We offer continuing education and educational workshops for Pilates teachers and students, physical therapists and rehabilitation professionals, dancers and dance educators, schools, athletic programs and more.  We now offer Pilates certification for physical therapists through Balanced Body.

Call the studio at (952) 405-9765 or email to learn more.
Teacher Training Class
Teacher Training Class

Expand your Pilates repertoire with these engaging workshops.

Paragon Pilates and Physical Therapy is pleased to offer Advanced Movement Principles

Advanced Movement Principles LogoTaught by Master Teacher Cari Riis Stemmler

Fall 2024 TBD

Advanced Movement Principles is designed to:
  • Help you develop strong critical reasoning skills to work with healthy and injured clients safely and effectively.
  • Deepen your understanding of the body in motion in both functional and pathological situations.
  • Expand your ability to observe, analyze and select exercises to improve your client’s essential movement skills.
  • Help you learn how to collaborate with medical and allied health professionals successfully.
  • Expand your heart, broaden your mind, and increase your ability to work compassionately and effectively with all clients.
The program consists of 5 courses, which incorporate video lessons, homework, mentor sessions and in-person workshops.
Balanced Body course list for advanced movement principles

Live course work at Paragon Pilates and Physical Therapy will consist of lecture review, practical application, assessment, program design and progressions, as well as deepening your understanding of how to interpret and apply what you are seeing in the body.  We will help you develop the critical reasoning skills to work in special populations.

Contact the Studio or Cari directly to learn more: 952-504-9765

Looking for a specific workshop?

Below are some of the many workshop topics offered at Paragon,
please contact us if you would like to request any of the following workshops.

  • Finding the Inner Unit/PowerHouse
  • Pilates ARC on the Reformer
  • Mastering the Art of Pilates Program Design
  • Working with Diastisis Recti
  • Working with Low Back Pain
  • Pilates Assessments (3 parts)
  • Keys to Unlocking the Thoracic Spine & Liberating the Shoulder
  • Anatomy in 3D – the Lower Leg and Foot
  • Pelvic Stability
  • Working with Men
  • Advanced Pilates Trapeze and Reformer
  • Foot Fetish – Explore the Importance of the Feet
  • Anatomy in Motion – Training Your Eye to See Proper Body Mechanics
  • Beyond the Chatter – Getting Clients Focused
  • Working with Pre-Post Natal Clients
  • Using Props in Mat Class
  • Working with Dancers
  • How to Recruit Proper Musculature and Turn Off Dominant Muscles
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Words

Additional workshops are listed in the document below.

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